What is the Health Ambassador program?

The mission of the Grundy County Health Ambassador program is to recruit passionate, civic-minded people who will promote the positive transformation of Grundy County residents through physical, mental, and social health awareness.
This program allows you to take action - promote healthy initiatives and seek out ways to better meet the health-based needs of your community. Serve in any setting: your workplace, church, service organization, or other social network.


Who can become a Health Ambassador?

To take on this role, all you need is passion for the Health Council’s mission of a healthier Grundy County and a willingness to promote events and initiatives in your community. No experience or prior knowledge of health is required.


What will my responsibilities be?

As an HA, you will serve as an advocate and educator for your community while following your own interests. In addition to promoting regular GCHC events and activities, you are empowered to make this position your own - be creative as you plan programming. Some example activities include:

  • Printing a health tip from the CDC website in your church bulletin every week.
  • Swapping healthy recipes within your friend group.
  • Starting a workplace exercise challenge.
  • Inviting your friends to walk the Mountain Goat Trail on Saturday mornings


What resources are available for Health Ambassadors?

A curriculum and toolkit will equip you with everything you need to get started, from introductory lessons on nutrition, exercise, tobacco cessation, and mental health to evidence-based programming, recipe guides, and links to digital resources. Health Council representatives will work with you to implement any other ideas you have for community health initiatives.


What's the time commitment?

The GCHC meets once each month at noon to discuss our team's projects and activities. You are encouraged to attend and share your progress with us, but the Health Ambassador program allows you the flexibility to incorporate your GCHA service into your lifestyle as you see fit.


Any questions?

Email gchc.vista2@gmail.com, or apply for the program here.